“EVOLUTION” CEO Yohei Kishida


Lami Corporation is Evolving

The economic conditions, the ways companies should be, these are changing every day. The environment that surrounds us always demands we evolve.

COVID-19 has raged and there have been many things that have not gone as we had hoped. However, as an owner of a company, there have been more things that I could learn from, and it definitely made me grow as a person.

“When I am in trouble, it is time to return to the basics.”

That has been my answer and belief. Situations both good and bad always have an end.

Because we are in such an age that everything changes fast, we need to keep an eye on every business and create one possibility - Especially in the Fully Automatic Laminator market, we continue to challenge ourselves to be “World’s No.1 market share”.

Company Goal

All employees become happy fairly

Management Philosophy

4 Satisfactions

We serve society with the 4 satisfactions,
aim for the eternal development of the company,
and devote ourselves to business activities day by day.


Satisfaction of


Satisfaction of


Satisfaction of


Satisfaction of
Lami Group

Company Policy


Be a person/company who is appreciated by people.

I believe that what we need to achieve a “100 year company” is everyone’s satisfaction. That is also in our management philosophy. To make everyone feel fully satisfied, we have to be a company that is trusted and anticipated by people.

For that, we pursue quality products without compromise, maintain a ready stock, and provide maintenance services. Additionally, we develop new products and share practical information.

I also believe that a really important thing is not only improving the products and services, but also each and every employee of ours working sincerely with our stakeholders.

We aim to be a company/people who are appreciated by everyone, through improving our charisma.

CEO Yohei Kishida