Company Profile

Company Name
Lami Corporation Inc.
CEO Kishida Yohei
Head Quarter Address
6-4-11, Fukushima, Fukushima-Ku, Osaka 553-0003 Japan
Year Established
100 Million JPY
Numbers of Employees
106 (Present: Oct-2021)
Description of Business
1. Development & Sales
Laminator for Professional Use
Laminator for Personal Use
Laminator for Large Format Printing
Laminate Film
Inkjet Media
2. Distribution
Inkjet Printing System
Peripheral Equipment of Laminator
Peripheral Equipment of Computer
3. Others
Laminating Service



1980 Established “Kita-Osaka INC.”
1988 Changed company name to “Lami Corporation INC.”
Established Tokyo Branch
1990 Established Fukuoka Branch
1994 Established Nagoya Branch / Hiroshima Branch
1995 Established Sendai Branch
1997 Established the logistic center(Takatsuki City, Osaka)
1998 Established Sapporo Branch
1999 Established the group company "EL Art Limited"
2000 Relocated the headquarter to company-owned building
2004 Reorganized "EL Art Limited" to a stock company, and changed the name as "ZAP Co., Ltd" Established Kantou Branch
2006 Established the group company "LAMI KOREA INC." in the suburbs of Seoul, Korea.
2006 Relocated the logistic center to Sennan City, Osaka, and changed the name to "Rinku Logistic Center"
2008 Relocated "LAMI KOREA INC." to Busan, Korea
2009 Relocated Tokyo Branch to company-owned building in Shinagawa, Tokyo
2011 Split out "ZAP Co., Ltd", and "Sign & Graphic Division of ZAP Co., Ltd" was reorganized as "Quick Co., Ltd"
Established the group company "EL TONIC Co., Ltd"
2013 Established the group company "Hirata Co., Ltd."
2014 Established the Global Business Division
2017 Established the group company "Aglive Co.,Ltd."
2018 Yohei Kishida was appointed as the CEO
Established the group company "LAMI EUROPE B.V."
2019 Celebrated its 40th anniversary
2020 2020 Established "Shirakawa Logistic Center" in Shirakawa City, Fukushima
Established the group company "HIRATA SIGN Co.,Ltd."
2023 Established the group company " OLIZURU Co., Ltd."
"Cafe & Bar OLIZURU" opens on the 1st floor of the head office building.