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I want to know about Revo.

ABOUTWhat is Revo?

Overwhelming Productivity Due to Automatic laminating and Cutting
The automatic laminators, “LAMI Revolution series” can automatically laminate and cut with pushing one button only. The machine size just fit with your office. It’s fast and easy to use, and it will drastically improve your work more efficient. It can process large sizes such as posters and also we have the other models for various paper sizes with side cutting.
movie Huge Differences

Huge Differences

There are huge differences between existing (manual) laminators
and the (fully automatic) Revo Series!

I want to know about Revo.

LINEUPProduct Line up


Cassette type laminating film system (first in the world) is adopted on Revo Office.(Patent Pending)

  • HOT Lamination
  • ROLL
  • Maximum Width: A3
  • Maximum Thickness: 125μ
  • Fully Automatic
  • Reducing labor cost by full automation.
  • Simple operation LCD panel.
  • Excellent quietness for office use.
  • Excellent design, perfect for office.

Revo T-14

Achieve outstanding speed and compactness

  • HOT Lamination
  • ROLL
  • Maximum Width: A3
  • Maximum Thickness: 100μ
  • Fully Automatic
  • Efficient work by full automation.
  • Easy cleaning with an open mechanism.
  • High speed realized by W heater method.
  • Productivity to finish A4 size 100 sheets within 14 minutes.
Revo T-14

Revo 26

High speed auto laminator for A1 size

  • HOT
  • ROLL
  • Maximum Width: A1
  • Maximum Thickness: 250μ
  • Semi automatic type
  • Side cutter for various sizes.
  • Amazing speed as fast as 4.5 m / min.
  • Speed realized by W heater method.
  • Increase work efficiency by automatic paper feeding function.
Revo 26

Product Specifications

Product Specifications Image

HOWTOUSEEasy to see! Movies about Revo series

  • Click on the thumbnail (play button) , and play the full-sized video on YouTube.
  • Sound accompanies the video, so please be aware of your surroundings when using your smartphone.
  • movie:How to Use the Revo Office

    How to Use the Revo Office

    【Length】1 minute and 15 seconds

  • movie:How to Use the RevoT–14

    How to Use the RevoT–14

    【Length】1 minute and 7 seconds

I want to know about Revo.


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