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Continuance - Taking over the thought of foundation and pioneering the future -

I am Kishida Yohei that takes CEO as a successor of the president Okuno Akira who has taken the tough leadership to lead the company since 1980 when the company has founded. Thanks to all of my customers and partners as well as my employees and staff, our company has been keep growing.
We have been developing evolutional laminators as a laminator manufacturer, and being triggered by the development and sales of full-auto laminators Revo series we have advanced in the world. Revo series are original laminators that have been innovated by customer needs and have been gaining many thankful user voices all over the world. Recently the number of group companies besides laminator market has been growing and will continue the new challenges as well.

We have three items as a basic philosophy as below;
1 Taking over the thought of foundation and developing by ourselves for the future
2 Extending the strengths of employees and maximizing organizational strength to exert
3 Providing services according to customers’ eyes, it will be social contributions

Based on them we aim to become a superior company that will continue for more than 100 years, I am looking forward to our future business dealings in the days ahead.
Sincerely Yours,

CEO Kishida Yohei